Types of Advice


Find cheap, knowledgeable accountants ready to guide you through your complex, personalised accounting problems.


With Josari's video marketplace, there's a business adviser ready to guide you through your complex, personalised business situation.


Feeling overwhelmed is far from uncommon. Conveniently speak to a counselor on Josari and get the support you need.


From investment opportunities to managing your super, Josari’s offers more productive, efficient and comprehensive advice.

Human Resources

Talk to a HR consultant on Josari to find effective employee engagement strategies or some clarity on HR policies.

HSE Advice

Find affordable HSE advice on Josari without the hassle of hiring someone for a full-scale project.


Easily connect to an experienced marketing consultant to help guide you through your next marketing campaign.


Learning photography has never been easier. Talk to local experts on Josari about key tips and tricks to boost your photography skills.

Tech Support

Technology can be very frustrating when it doesn't work. Talk to an IT specialist to guide you through your unique technical issues.


Videography is booming! If you're just getting started, speak to an experienced videographer on Josari. It's quick and convenient.

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