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Getting the right advice can be a minefield – especially in situations where you lack the expertise to judge the quality of the advice.

Google will often provide generic results that are not specific to your requirements and forums can be full of uneducated contributors and trolls.

Friends and family have always been a great source of advice, but your network is typically limited to a narrow group of experts.

However, the biggest challenge to getting advice is the time it takes to get solutions. People spend hours, even days searching the web and engaging in forum discussions searching for customised results.

What you want is instant gratification for the problems you are facing.

What you need is Josari.

Launching May 2019, Josari is a consultation marketplace for real-time solutions and advice. It is a mobile app that allows you to instantly connect with a range of advisors via video chat The platform redefines how people access information and monetise their knowledge, skills and experience.

How it Works

The platform is simple and easy to use:

  1. Search for an advisor using keywords (i.e accountant, carpenter, lawyer)
  2. Review search results based on price, location or experience
  3. Start a video chat with an advisor that meets your requirements
  4. Get instant advice from a subject matter expert.

No matter what advice you need, Josari is the bridge that connects consumers that have a problem, with advisors that have solutions.

CEO and Co-founder Paul Buckwell said:

“Josari provides a refreshingly fast solution to problems that can’t wait. Building a new business from scratch, I know exactly what it’s like to need answers on the spot. I want to be able to talk to a subject matter expert when a problem arises, and I don’t mind paying for the privilege.

At the same time, I also have unique skills and experience that I’m happy to share with others. I have the freedom to consult when I have time to spare and the opportunity to deliver valuable advice to consumers for a fee.”

Josari is the perfect platform for anyone looking to start a side gig. Advisors can setup a profile in minutes and payments are processed securely through Stripe.

With the ability to set flexible work hours, advisors can quickly manage and adjust their availability to suit their unique schedules. Most importantly, advisors determine what their time is worth.

The Apple (IOS) version of the app will be available to download on the app store from May 2019. Android and Windows versions are in development.

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