Tips for success on Josari: Mastering confidence and communications

Josari Tips For Success - Mastering Confidence & Communications

Consulting can be very competitive. There can be plenty of people who specialise in the same field or industry. By mastering your confidence and knowing what you’re talking about, you will have the competitive advantage to stand out from other advisers on the Josari platform.

Mastering Confidence

The number one thing that will differentiate you from other advisers on the Josari platform is confidence – confidence knowing the advice you provide is the right advice. This requires you to be very knowledgeable in a specific field.

If you are new to consulting, check out Consulting for beginners – where do you start?

Consumers are pretty savvy these days. They can spot someone who does not know what they are talking about from a mile away. So, if you cannot help a consumer with their specific problem, it is better not to try and fumble your way through an answer. At the end of the day you may earn a few extra dollars, but you will receive a poor rating and lose your credibility.

Remember, a consumer who decides to start a video call with you has read your profile and thinks you are pretty special. Otherwise, they would have chosen another advisor! Make sure not to disappoint them.

It can be nerve-wracking when you first consult on Josari. If you have spent years in a role that never required constant human interaction, it can be tough communicating with customers face-to-face. Josari has a team that can help familiarise you with the platform. If you’d like a call to walk you through the platform, send us an e-mail here.

Good Communication Skills

Communication skills are incredibly important for a consultant. Good communication helps avoid misunderstandings. If a consumer misinterprets what you say, they may make poor decisions and end up blaming you for their errors.

Consulting is very much people-oriented. It is like marketing yourself, so being a good communicator helps you build strong relationships with consumers. A good communicator not only knows how to express themselves clearly, but has the ability to listen and understand the consumer’s goal.

Be sure to ask for clarification on what the customer is asking if you do not understand their needs. It also helps to pay attention to their body language. For watching body language on Josari, pay particular attention to their eyes, face and head movement.

How to tailor your communication style with consumers

The person you are talking with may work in a similar industry and need someone to bounce ideas off. Conversely, they may have no idea about the topic. Therefore, it is important to find out how much the consumer knows, so you can determine the complexity of the language to use. By determining their level of knowledge and experience on the topic, you can adjust your communication style accordingly.

For consumers who have no idea about the industry, it is important not to use industry jargon and abbreviations. You want to be able to effectively communicate with the consumer. This means using words the consumer will be able to understand. If they do not understand, try to explain and elaborate the terminology you use and make sure they understand what you are saying.

On the other hand, if you are speaking with someone who is more knowledgeable in your field of expertise, it may be more beneficial to use industry jargon. This will help speed-up the communication process.

For further information about using the right communication style, check out this article by Atlassian: https://www.atlassian.com/blog/inside-atlassian/how-to-navigate-diverse-communication-styles-at-work.

A Quick Recap

  1. Confidence and good communication skills are essential to differentiating yourself from other advisers.
  2. Ensure you are not wasting the consumer’s time by listening to what the consumer needs.
  3. Adjust your communication style with different consumers depending on their knowledge and experience in the industry.

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