Meet your insta-idols

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Josari Call Screen - iPhone X Mockup

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite social influencer? With Josari, you can!

With our mobile video platform, you can chat face-to-face with your social idols. Got a question for them, or just want to bask in their reflected glory? Josari can make it happen.

It doesn’t matter if you have one question or ten; connect with them via our video platform and make your dreams of meeting those you admire a reality.

Rub shoulders with the best

Looking to impress someone with who you know? Tell them who you’ve been chatting with and watch how impressed they look.

Gift a video chat to a friend or family member

Stuck on what to get someone that is impossible to buy for? Josari’s video platform allows you to give someone an experience they’ll never forget.

Josari’s mobile app is currently in development with an estimated launch date of November, 2018.

The Right Advice, Right Now

With Josari you can access advice and guidance over your phone..