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Josari Marketing Press Release

Digital technology continues to redefine how marketers leverage their marketing knowledge and service customers.

New apps, online tools, social media and automation are transforming how marketers work, so you need to pay attention if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

Technology startup Josari is one app that redefines how marketers and digital media specialists operate. The Brisbane based company has just launched a marketplace for instant advice.

From small business marketing campaigns to advanced SEO strategies and video capture tips and tricks, the Josari platform presents a unique solution for marketers that are looking to broaden their customer base and earn extra cash.

Using a live video feed and integrated pay-by-the-minute charging system, the app connects customers with a range of professionals that provide advice on demand. It allows marketers to monetize their knowledge and provide insights to others.

CEO and Co-founder Paul Buckwell said the app provides a refreshingly fast solution to marketing problems that can’t wait. “Coming from a marketing background myself, I always find that I’m helping out friends and family on the weekend with minor marketing projects. I always wondered about people that don’t have a marketing contact to guide them. How can they get help that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg?”

“I realised there was a gap in the market between DIY business operators who do their own marketing and businesses that have the time and money to engage a marketing agency.” Buckwell continued.

Launched in May, 2019, the platform is the perfect sidegig for those in the marketing industry looking for more flexibility and the ability to make some extra cash. Marketing agencies are also joining the platform, realising that Josari is an opportunity to expand their customer base nationally and grow leads and revenue.

The app is free to download and set up a profile (or multiple profiles if desired). Advisers have the ability to set the value of their time and there’s no business administration requirements to setup new customers – this is all done from within the app.

The Apple (IOS) app is available to download on the app store. The Android version is currently in development.

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