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We're live on the App store. Josari consultation services

We have some very exciting news! After many restless nights and copious amounts of coffee, Josari is now available on the App Store.

In case you haven’t heard, Josari is a marketplace for instant advice. The platform enables face-to-face video communication with a broad range of advisers.

From professionals to tradies and everything in between, if you’re in the market to buy or sell knowledge, download the app today.

Be one of the first to experience this revolutionary micro-consulting marketplace. It’s free to download and search for advisers.

We’re new to market, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service or product offering, please email info@josari.io.

Happen to be an Android user? Don’t worry, we have plans to release an Android version of the app soon.

Wait, you’re still reading? Here are more reasons for you to download the Josari app.

Getting the right advice, right now has never been easier

  • Real-time solutions and advice. No more waiting around to attend a consultation or spend hours scrolling the internet when what you really need is a custom solution.
  • Broad range of advisers. Access a diverse range of subject matter experts outside your direct network.
  • Quality advice. Know your getting the right advice through user-rated reviews.
  • Flexible pricing. Choose your preferred advisor based on your budget and level of experience required.

Use your knowledge and experience to help others

  • Time is Money. Get paid for the skills and knowledge you have. Don’t spend valuable time giving out free advice to tyre kickers.
    Lead Generation. Increase exposure for your unique set of skills.
  • Flexible Work Hours. Got free time on your hands? Turn that time into money.
  • Instant Quotes. Why go to the trouble of arranging onsite quotes? Have the customer do the measurements while you provide guidance via video!

Thank you for your support. If you know someone interested in joining the platform, please share this article with them.

See you on Josari soon!

Paul Buckwell
Co-founder & CEO