Need to chat with a handyman?

Do you need to chat to a handyman about repairs around your house or rental property? Like us, your time is precious and organising quotes and call-outs can be expensive, frustrating and time consuming. Why not use the video functionality on your mobile to talk to a handyman right now?

We’re currently building a platform where you can chat instantly with a handyman via video consultation.

It doesn’t matter what information you need; don’t spend unnecessary time, money and effort getting your home handyman solutions sorted when you can get instant advice via our video platform.

Josari Call Screen - iPhone X Mockup

With Josari’s video marketplace, communicating with a handyman is more productive, efficient and comprehensive.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate solutions and advice
  • Access to a diverse range of advisors outside your network
  • Avoid time wasted on call-out’s and onsite quotes
  • Quality advice through user-rated reviews
  • Affordable marketplace
  • Chat to advisors anytime, day or night
  • Secure transaction portal through Stripe
  • Personal face to face interaction – know who you are talking to
  • Chat to advisors in multiple languages

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Hire the Right Support

Browse hundreds of experts who can help you, safe in the knowkledge that they have the skills you require.

Quality Advice now 

Josari’s video platform allows you to get handyman advice from experts anywhere in the world and show them clearly what you need help with.

Save Time and Money

Don’t wait weeks to get something installed or repaired: having a handyman on the other end of your phone means they can advise you immediately.

Josari’s mobile app is currently in development with an estimated launch date of February, 2019. Register your interest today.