Easily find the help you need

With Josari you can access advice and guidance over your phone.

Complete Control

With Josari, you are in control. With the support of an expert via video from your smartphone, you can solve problems and act on them as if they are in the room. Avoid expensive call-out fees and time wasted for problems that can be solved in minutes.

Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly
Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly

Instant Solutions

Don’t wait around for someone to book a time with you. Whatever problem you have, a Josari service provider can advise you and guide you at a time that is convenient. Using video means communication is more productive, efficient and comprehensive.

EXtensive Marketplace

Josari has thousands of experts who can help you. They can determine if your problem is a simple fix or quote for it confidently, without moving from your location. It also means you can access a much wider group of experts.

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