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With Josari you can earn money by providing advice over your phone.

More Options

With Josari, you run your own business through the video function of your phone and choose your own clients and projects. Helping people solve problems by video means it’s even easier for you to generate income wherever you are. Best of all, it’s free to list your business and generate additional leads.

Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly
Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly

Video Calls

Using video provides a wide variety of income options for you. A consumer can show you in real-time the problems they are having. Video communication is more productive, efficient and comprehensive than text messages, phone calls and emails.

Multiple Applications

Josari has multiple applications for your business. If you determine that the request requires further work, you can quote for it over the phone, having seen first hand what problem the consumer is experiencing. You can provide your expertise instantaneously without moving from your location and you can service a much wider customer-base.

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Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly

Get Started

If you’re looking to improve brand awareness and increase your customer base, setup your FREE profile on Josari today. You can set up a service profile in minutes, which gives you exposure to a wider range of customers and business opportunities.

Setup A New Service

Setup a new service in minutes. It’s easy! Learn how to setup a new service here.

You can create multiple services for you many skills. You may be a professional marketing expert Monday to Friday, but when it comes to the weekend, you enjoy coaching at the local tennis centre.

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