Veterinary Video Consultation Services

Are you looking to provide video consultation services for your veterinary clinic?

Josari allows pet owners to contact your vet clinic instantly via video chat.

You can provide owners peace of mind and remote services for their beloved animals on the spot. This free’s you up to manage your time more efficiently and focus on services a wider range of pet owners.

Best of all, pet owners are required to provide payment information prior to the call, meaning you get guaranteed payment for the consultation within two business days.

Put the welfare of pets at the heart of your business and deliver better service and results for pet owners.

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    Benfits Include

      • It’s FREE to list your veterinary clinic in the directory
      • Broaden your geographic reach for pet owners
      • Make pet owners life easier and less stressed by using a pre-screening process
      • Increased clinic exposure through an exciting new directory platform
      • Payment within two business days
      • Vet clinic profile setup in as little as 15 minutes.

    Maximise revenue

     Telemedicine services are in high demand. If you’re looking to reduce downtime and maximise revenue, Josari can help. You can schedule Josari video consultation meetings between existing vet appointments.

    Stay connected with Pet Owners

    No more waiting for pet owners to walk through the door. You can screen calls to determine the level of treatment required.

    Privacy Concerns? Not with Josari!

    Rest assured your video calls are safe and secure with Josari. We don’t record any calls, create transcripts and we especially don’t sell your data to third parties. That’s just rude!